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Monday, 30 July 2012

6 Principles To Increase Positive Thinking

Hi came across this great article, thought you all may find it interesting...

Blog about Happiness
If your feeling a bit under the weather start blogging about how to become more joyful. Even if it may not be your niche or even something your readers would appreciate. It will cause you to think happy thoughts first before you write thus changing your shift of emotion into a positive direction. Creating a positive snowball effect which can last the rest of the day if you put forth the effort.

Write out your feelings
Don't ever underestimate to power of venting your emotions on a piece of paper. Doing this clears the mind from all negativity leaving your canvas unpainted. After you have written down your emotions, tear the piece of paper apart. Make a solemn oath to start thinking positive today with confidence and positive expectancy. 

Smile Please
Today, give a glorified smile to every one you meet and greet. If you see a person walking towards you show those carnivore teeth by saying "How are you doing today". Don't be afraid to stop for a friendly conversation with this stranger. Remember like attracts like so if you feel attracted to this person dig in deep by asking them questions to create genuine interest.

Bask in life
Stop and smell the roses before you enter your office today. You may have a lot on your mind such as the rent, kids tuition fees or a mouth to feed. Yet this should not stop you from enjoying life on this abundant planet. We live in a universe where anything is possible as long as we believe it can be achived. Take the time out today to just appreciate life's glory by sitting next to a pond, riding you bike down a trail or whistling your favorite tune down the block.

Change your current physiology by physically walking as if you were unstoppable and confidence. Act like this for an entire day with the intention of keeping your attitude focused on how to think positive. Perform this action long enough can create long lasting changes with a side effect of pure enjoyment.

Creative visualization
Start creating mental images in your mind which make you smile not frown. Feel these fantasies as if they have already happened. Doing this daily activities once you wake up in the morning and before you fall into your dream world will work wonder for your attitude. You will begin to wake up each day happy and energetic. Its a great way to learn how to be positive.

Did these tips help? Let me know give in your feedback I'm all ears for improvements and here to serve you all...... Thanks!