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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Balance Your Wheel of Life

Balance Your Wheel of Life

Are you living an extraordinary life?  Are you consistently reaching your goals and fulfilling your life dreams?  If not now, when?  People all over the world feel a sense of balance and are excited about their life. Fortunately, these are not characteristics that only certain people can attain.  This life satisfaction is available to everyone.  It is possible to start your journey now.
                Visual maps such as the Life Balance Wheel are excellent tools used to begin the process of reaching goals and transforming your life.  Take a few minutes and assess your life.   Rank each life area by drawing an arc at the number that represents your level of satisfaction. The center of the wheel is 0 and equals zero satisfaction, the outer edge of the wheel is 10 representing total satisfaction. 

Imagine this were a real wheel.  How bumpy or smooth would your ride be? What areas are balanced?  What areas need work? Identify the areas of your life you are most happy.  Express true gratitude for the success and peace in these areas and know that all components of your life can be equally fulfilling and balanced.   Next, identify an area you would like to improve.  What changes are you committed to making in your chosen area to increase your satisfaction?  Feel free to choose an area that already exhibits positive aspects. Don’t begin this process for the first time in choosing an area you feel you “should” change.  Let your first step on the journey be an enjoyable one!

 Finally, develop a plan:

1.    What are the changes that you are committed to making long term?  What are you committed to doing this week or today to start the process?
2.    How will you know you have been successful?
3.    Who can support you in your plan?
4.    How will you celebrate your success?

Consistency and accountability are important in designing a plan and achieving success.  Remember, it takes 21 days to develop a new habit so don’t give up.  Find a friend and make changes together or consider a coach.  A coach may be the answer if you need assistance in making your desired changes.  Often the coach is the missing link between dreaming of a different life and living a different life. A coach will assist you in discovering, clarifying, and creating your life, encouraging your self-discovery, eliciting solutions and strategies, and holding you accountable for your commitments.  

Do this exercise & tell us what you think......